We were very pleased with the service received, the quality of the work performed and the significant improvement in the efficiency of our home heating, as a result of the improved insulation properties. Thank you also for rushing our install date, to allow us to have our home repainted before moving in.

Mr. and Mrs. Nolan, Oakville, Ontario

Last October you installed Air Krete insulation into my home in two spaces, one between the plaster and bricks and the other between the two rows of bricks. Last weekend, I finally took the time to calculate my
oil consumption from this past winter and the winter before this renovation. I am very happy to tell you that I used over 20% less oil this winter. I also wanted to let you know that having Brand Insulation
do this job was a very positive experience. The work was done with great care, in the time frame given and my house was left in excellent condition. I must admit that I was concerned ahead of time about having
approximately 250 holes made on the walls inside my house. But the repair work was superb and no one can tell that so many holes were made. Once the Air Krete was installed, the house was cozier and the
cold spots were gone. It was less damp in the house and there have been fewer bugs. Overall, I am very pleased to have this product in my house and very happy it was installed by Brand Insulation. I speak
enthusiastically of it to everyone and highly recommend it to those who are considering doing insulation to their homes. Thank you for doing such a great job!

Mrs. Mannone, Toronto, Ontario

Brand Insulation did my house circa 1958. Prior to being done in the summer I had to leave the upstairs windows open on the story and a half house. The central air conditioner on 24/7 and the heat on the main floor never went below 80F. If the windows were left closed it would be 100F upstairs.

After the job was done the windows are closed upstairs, there is a 4F temperature difference from upstairs to downstairs. The air conditioner cycles now by the hour! The house will go down to any temp you set it to. Last winter it was 6% colder, my natural gas consumption went down 8% and I raised the house temperature up 10%. I also noticed a reduction of outside noise at night. I am very happy with the product I had both the inside space behind the lath and plaster as well as the brick space in between the cinderblock and brick. The installers were very efficient and clean, since there are many patched holes on the inside of the house and finished the inside really nicely.

Alan, Toronto

Five years ago we have bought our first home, an older house (about 50 years old). We had no knowledge at the time that the double brick bungalow that we had gotten had no insulation in the walls but (2) cavities air filled. We were soon to find that out …

We changed all windows and we had blown in insulation in the attic but with all these it was still cold during the winter especially in one of the rooms located on the corner of the house having (2) exterior walls. It was also unpleasant to watch TV from a sofa that was sitting in the living room parallel with one of these exterior walls. All these exterior walls were very cold and we could always feel a draft coming from them.

We have heard about Brand Insulation and their “air krete” blown in insulation and we have invited them to give us a quote. We decided to go with this type of insulation in all the exterior walls.
Winter is over now and we are happy with the decision we’ve made. We can use the corner room now. We had guests that were able to sleep in that room with the door closed which was never possible before. We do not feel any drafts from the exterior walls and overall the comfort of our home has increased. On top of that, our gas bills have decreased by 10% compared to the last winter; however this winter’s temperatures were lower than last year’s so we expect even better next year!

So we’re happy and we are recommending this product to all our friends and we regret that we did not insulate both cavities of the exterior walls (inside and outside) so we can double benefit the “air krete” insulation factor.

BARSAN, Victoria Village, North York

We had Brand Insulation Inc. come into our home fall of 2006 and install the Air Krete insulation. Customer service was friendly and the men were very efficient in the process. Since having the Air Krete pumped into our walls there has been a definite difference noted this winter. First of all the draft from beneath the living room window no longer exists, and the furnace does not come on nearly as often as it used to. We have found that when the house is heated up from the furnace, it stays heated for a much longer time than before the house was insulated. It has made a noticeable difference in our gas bill. It’s definitely not as high as the year before.

Marie L., Mississauga

I had my 55 year old double brick house insulated. Yes, finally….I had been researching for a product for the last 6 years that could insulate between the two layers of brick. When I saw the site for air krete cement based insulation I knew this would work for my house.

I had the insulation installed from the outside and the indoor feeling of comfort is beautiful. No more cold air coming in through the walls. We don’t sit on the heat register to warm up any more because the house has a warm comfortable feeling to it.

The workers completed the job in one day, cleaned up, and left me feeling happy. I am very pleased with the workmanship/product and am very glad to have found the website last fall.

D. Nahal, Brampton, Ontario

Very satisfied with Brand Insulation and the Air Krete insulation installed in my house. House felt cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter with noticeably fewer drafts. Installers were friendly and worked very hard to complete the installation on-time and did a thorough job cleaning up after completion.

T. Belyk, Toronto

Just a short note as a follow up. I went back to my cheque book and records and found that since the application of Air Krete my equal billing for natural gas has dropped by 34%. Our hydro dropped over the year before usage, despite it being a really hot summer in 2007. I am more than pleased.

J. Jones, Scarborough

I just wanted to let you know how happy my husband and I are with our decision to insulate with Airkrete and Brand Insulation. This has probably been the most valuable home improvement project we’ve done. Our heating bills were cut in half the following winter.

Our home was built somewhere around 1915 so we were concerned with its suitability for this product but you were so helpful in explaining the procedure and everything we really felt very comfortable going ahead with it… We had an energy audit done before and after and the results were amazing. It really was probably the best decision in retrofitting our home we’ve ever made.

Thanks so much for your help and to the guys for their hard work. I will certainly recommend Brand Insulation to anyone thinking of upgrading their older home for added energy efficiency.”

D. Hash, East York