It’s more effective.

Developed and patented in 1984, air krete®  is both time- and test-proven. This foamed-in, non-expanding cement-based product is applied into wall cavities, providing a superior barrier that stops drafts, so you stay warm in the winter and cool in the summer. Best of all, it achieves energy savings up to 50%. Air krete®  cures in approximately 24 hours, leaving it completely inert, so it won’t expand, shrink or settle over time, fully retaining its insulating value. Air krete®  is also 100% fireproof, is mould-, rodent- and insect-resistant, and provides excellent sound proofing.

It’s easier.

Whether insulating your walls from the outside or the inside, you can significantly upgrade your home’s energy efficiency in less than a day, with minimal mess and without having to leave your home during or after the installation. Air krete® is completely odour free.

It’s safer.

Air krete®  is the world’s safest and greenest insulation. It contains no UFFI (urea formaldehyde) or formaldehyde, plastic or petroleum by-products. It is non-toxic and CFC-free, and produces no off-gassing either during installation or after completion. Air krete®  has been used successfully in homes where family members have had extreme allergies and chemical sensitivities.

For Air krete® tests, approvals and case studies, please visit the Air krete® website.
See also the Urea Formaldehyde Insulation Identification (UFFI) Test Results by downloading the PDF.

Benefits Overview