Time to remove your old insulation?

Doing it yourself can be a dirty, back-breaking job, as well as a potential health hazard. Calling in the professionals can save you money, time and significant effort. To remove the old insulation from your attic, we use a high-powered state-of-the-art industrial vacuum system, located on the outside of your home to keep dust to a minimum. The vacuum hoses are run up to the attic either through a window or through your front door and into the attic access opening.

All equipment brought through your home is in top condition and creates absolutely no mess. Our technicians, fully protected and with the proper respirator systems, carefully walk through your attic space and with our vacuum hoses remove all of the loose insulation from every corner and open space possible.

Once all the loose insulation is removed, any remaining batts of insulation are removed by hand and bagged. Once completed, everything is vacuumed again right down to the drywall or your existing vapour barrier, leaving behind only empty space ready for you to carry out the next phase of your project. All of the insulation that we remove from your attic area is removed from the site completely, and we take great care not to leave any mess behind.

Consider attic insulation removal in case of:

  • Leak in the roof and water damage
  • Damaged insulation due to animal infestation
  • Insulation damage by mould or in case of allergies
  • Fire and smoke damage
  • Reconstruction or replacement of old insulation